Why the Name? A Dogwood Tale

By Hanna Waswa

When the idea for this brewery first began fermenting in brewmaster Claire Wilson’s brain, the vision was clear: a brewery dedicated to the principles of local and organic craft beer. All ingredients would be sourced from certified 100% organic maltings and hop farmers from within British Columbia in order to create beer that truly reflected the excellence of the province.

As the brewery itself came into shape, the name lagged behind. Some days it felt impossible to sum up the vision for the brewery in a single word or phrase. Some of the potential names were clever, and some were not: Wilson Brewing, Sherbrooke Street Brewing, Big Red Button, Chrononaut, Euphenism. None of these felt right, though now it’s fun to think of what we could have been called.

Finally, just like the ingredients for the beer we make, the name of the brewery came from British Columbia. The six-petaled flowers of the Pacific dogwood tree, which appear twice a year, are the official flower of the province of British Columbia. The natural connection to our brewery felt strong and distinct: beer that came from the best of BC.

Nowadays, we enjoy our delicious and guilt-free beer beside the dogwood tree in our yard, confident that we’re living up to the promise of our name.