From Farm to Growler: Fresh Hopped ESB

By Hanna Waswa

It’s fresh hop beer season yet again in the Lower Mainland; get ready for all the deliciously (and not-so-deliciously) fresh hopped beer your tastebuds can stand.

In the course of making a fresh hopped beer, the most important part of the equation is getting the hops from farm to brew in the shortest amount of time possible. As the hop cones dry out, the essential oils evaporate, and it’s the oil that is vitally important for flavouring the beer. This year we got our hops from the certified organic UBC farm. This minimized transport times and ensured that the hops that went into the beer are the freshest possible.

This year at Dogwood we’ve got a traditional ESB with fresh hops that drinks exactly right.The aroma is intriguing and inviting, and the taste does not disappoint. It’s bold and malty with a beautifully smooth hop finish, and is everything you want in a wet hopped beer. Come by before the season ends; you don’t want to miss this one.